Saturday, September 30, 2006

An Afternoon Trailride

As we come out of the woods into the neighbors hay field we make a right turn and walk a hundred yards or so and make another right turn and climb up this winding trail in the photo above.

We come to a Y in the trail and which way will we go today? Hmmm, OK, lets turn to the right, and see what little surprises we discover today.

Just a little way along this trail, if we look to our left, we see a green scummy pond. In the summer there are turtles sunning themselves on the fallen logs that are in it. There is almost always a few frogs that jump in and startle the horse! This pond always has water in it.

As we continue on our way, we walk under this scraggly looking, small tree, and hanging in its branches are lots and lots of wild grapes!! I think I am seeing some grape jelly here!! Hmmmm! Gotta tell Ed about this!

We pass under the 'grape' tree and follow the trail that a neighbor bushogged for another neighbor, so she could ride her horses. (She has 3 horses but never rides them). When we get to the far end of this little meadow, we will turn left again, and

turn into the deep forest. This is a Nature Conservancy of about 200 acres. We can walk in the woods, but that is all. There is no hunting allowed, or anything else. It is just for enjoying nature.The trail meanders along twisting and turning and following gentle grades up and down the ravines. As you go along, look to your left,

and you will see some long deep ravines that seem to have no bottom. They are full of mature trees and fallen trees that have rotted over the years. Here and there is a trickle of water going toward the bottoms. It eventually ends in the river.

Here is another trail that goes off to the right. We will explore that one another time.

As we near the Y in the trail, near the beginning of our ride, we can turn left at the Y and come out on top of the hill under the Power Lines. The Power Company that owns the lines keeps this part cleared.

As we stand under the lines, we have to decide, do we want to go down that steep hill today? I don't think so, Katie and I have had enough exercise today. We will do that hill another day. I hope you have enjoyed our ride. I enjoyed having the company and sharing the sights with you.


mom said...

very pretty trail.... i'd like to ride it with you...but I likely couldn't get out of bed the nnext day..//???/ I am soft after sitting with Bea for 3 years I helped Daddy put some horse barn dirt in the railroad ties by the barn to plant some Mums [didn't plant them yet] and I am a sorry sore blob

mom said...

just got over being a sore sorry blob from picking up a peck of new heart nuts I guess I'm gittin older might call me a senior citizen

Jeanie said...

Wish I was there with you but this was the next best thing! :)