Sunday, March 04, 2007

Where is Spring??

It sure doesn't seem to be lurking around here anywhere! I love the sunshine, but it is nasty cold outside and the wind blowing makes it feel that much colder! Even the crocus and daffodils haven't started to poke their heads out yet! If anyone knows what happened to it, let me know!!

This morning we drove up to Greencastle to the Tractor Supply store, and stopped at the Monon Restaurant to eat breakfast. It is a quaint little place and always busy. I had a Western Omelet with coffee. It was pretty tasty. E had biscuits and gravy with orange juice. Love to eat there, just for the atmosphere. They have train stuff all over the place, with other antiques mixed in too.

Last Monday I took Taco to the vet for an evalution. We left him there and she did surgery to remove the mass on Tuesday. Since he had to be inside (he is a barn cat) for the next 24 hours, we left him there and I picked him up on Wednesday after work. The area above his eye is still swollen, but I think it is gradually going down. He still can only open his eye a little bit. I think he was glad to get rid of that thing! He is his usual annoying self. Meowing to be picked up and held, constantly! He is eleven years old this year. We didn't spend the 70.00 dollars it would have cost to find out what it was. Just glad it is gone. Vet said it would just kill her not to know what it was! Well, she can spend her nickles to find out, if she wants to know that bad!

I'm itching to get back in the saddle again! The horses need more exercise and I need it more than they do! But all the mud, makes it so hard to do. Can't

ride ANYWHERE around here without making deep pock marks in the ground. Sure don't want them in the hay field, or anywhere else. So...we wait...until it dries up some more. I wish my ship would come in! I would like to have some of those dollars to put some gravel down and a couple of loads of sand in the round pen. We could take care of some of this mud!

I got a call at 10:00 PM on Thursday night from eastern Kentucky. I was brushing my teeth, just about ready to hit the hay! Well, it was 12:30 when her cell phone died and my phone went dead! Nothing new, just talking about her dogs, and sheep and grandkids and her own kids. Youngest grand children are 14 months, and 3 months. She did say thanks for the photos of the dogs. One of them was recently killed on the highway in front of her house. No, it was't the one we took to her. It was her youngest son's dog and he is taking it pretty hard. A female, but she said she has two puppies from her that look just like her and one will be his.

The horses want their supper, so I guess I will head out to the barn and clean stalls and feed them. Then feed us when we get back in the house. No idea what is for supper!

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Anonymous said...

im feeling much better thank you.
love from aunt marge