Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There's nothing new under the sun! Nuttin' to blog about. The boys and I are going outside everyday. They have a lot of fun, playing in the gravel, finding sticks, (they live in the woods) riding their little toy tractors, playing with the basketball, digging with their shovels, and just running around the yard. Since I haven't posted any photos of them lately, here is a couple that I took last week. They are little sweeties, well, most of the time!
I have been working with Maddie, our 4 year old filly. I have been doing groundwork, getting her ready for me to ride. She is doing very well, and she learns quickly. By the time I get ready to get in the saddle she should know what the reins are for, and what is expected of her. I don't really expect her to have any problems with it, as long as I take it slow and don't rush her.
My perennials are coming up and everything is growing and getting ready to bloom! I sure hope it doesn't freeze and kill everything! Spring is so early this year, but I love it!


jean said...

Oh my, 4 years since I have been there! So sad! Miss you guys. Hope all goes well with Maddie.

The twins sure are cuties.

I was able to post to my blog using Mom's ID. It did make me enter the word verification several times though! But finally allowed the comment to post. I have no idea what is going on unless the site still has bugs in the new beta blog. They made me update my site if I wanted to post. That was why I had to get the Google account that gave me such a hard time getting one. I'm NOT impressed with the new blog. It doesn't want to let me sign in and takes forever!!!

Um 3bdlwahab said...

How sweet are they, GOD bless them