Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sawdust and Woodpeckers

I love to feed the birds and watch their antics at the feeder. Here is a photo that I took Sunday morning. Last winter there were four of these Pileated Woodpeckers feeding. Usually I only see one at a time. This was a surprise. Her is more information about these large birds:

My horses will sleep well for the next 6 to 8 weeks or so. This afternoon, after work, we had a load of sawdust delivered. It is clean, bright and beautiful and smells good too.
My husband is quite ingenious. After shoveling the sawdust one too many times from the back of a pickup truck, he remembered using a grain elevator on the farm where he grew up. He found a used one for about 60.00 and set it up in our barn doorway. He had previously fully enclosed one of our stalls, except for a small section above the doorway, for the top of the elevator.
We had the sawdust dumped from the truck right on a huge tarp, right next to the elevator. We shoveled it into the hopper and the job was done in no time and bedding is ready to use. I feel so much better now, knowing it is there.

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Lisa J said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the woodpeckers. We have them here also but have never seen them at a feeder before. And especially two at one time. Now lets hope the woodpeckers stay out of your sawdust. They might think it is just a little snack!