Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring is Coming!

I think Spring is teasing me! Here is one of my tulips that is poking its head out to see if it is OK to come out yet. There were two or three of these showing above the leaves a couple of days ago. Then last night and today, it snowed, AGAIN!! I want to get my hands in the flower gardens and get dirty! Hmph! Winter just won't give up yet!

The dining room is open! The feathered friends just need to wait their turn at the table. Sometimes there are 20 to 30 American Goldfinches all trying to eat at the same time so of course there are some minor arguments too. I have two feeder for these little birds and they are always waiting in line for their turn. They are lots of fun to watch.

When the ground is covered with snow, the number of Starlings that we have quadruples! They empty the birdfeeders in no time. They also eat the chickens' food and by the time we get home from work, the chickens are very hungry. We have put the chickens' feeders inside the chicken house but the starlings go in and out the little door for the chickens and eat it anyway! And they poop on everything, even the horses backs if they spend any time under the tree. Nasty birds!

Isn't this a lovely color? I think this is such a beautiful bluejay! I'm sure God loves color too with all the color there is in the birds.

I found an intriguing site on the internet through another blog I read. The writer is a lady in Australia. Here it is

This site has several recipes and also gives the how-to. It is so easy to do!

I printed out these pages and made my first batch of bread dough. I baked a loaf the next day and almost ate the whole thing! It was so good. This bread has a crispy crust, and a moist and yeasty inside. I have already made my second batch. I like them so much, that yesterday, E and I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased the book. I used a gift card that we have had for over a year. The book has recipes to make sweet breads, rolls, and all kinds of different bread recipes, using this same stored dough formula. I love that I can make fresh bread even AFTER I get home from work! Try it and tell me how you like it!

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