Saturday, April 30, 2011

Such and Stuff

Ruth, here is a photo for you to figure out. This is from a couple of years ago. I went outside early one morning and found these tracks in the snow. they are about 1 1/2 inches wide. The bird tracks are from sparrow or something of that size. I don't know what they are. Notice the absolutely straight line. and the edges have lines too! What are they?

Missy enjoying a warm day on the porch this week. She gets tired of being in the house and wants to go outside. She doesn't know she is handicapped and tries to do anything she did before she was sick, but of course we can't let her go out without supervision as she could get lost or hurt and we wouldn't know it. She can still dig a mean hole in the yard, looking for a mole!!
It must really be spring! The may apples are blooming! It was raining when I took this photo. Does it look wet? Everything has been so wet! I'm rather tired of it now. I want to plant my garden now, OK?
One day this week, I was asked to make two pies, and apple and a cherry for a staff appreciation day event. So here they are, the two in the back are for the event. The two in the front were for us. I heard by the grapevine that the cherry went over very well. I almost didn't have a source for the frozen cherries, as the place I have been getting them is closed for remodeling. I finally found them in the Spencer grocery store, the ONLY place to get them in the Bloomington area!
This is another view of the lake, taken from a clients living room window. It was a rainy and foggy morning. the water is high, up into the treeline, from all the rain we have had. This photo makes me think of Scotland. Maybe it is the fog.


mom said...

where did those tracks start and where did they go ???they look like a bicycle chain !!!!! yummie looking pies !! thanks for the new blogg

Ruth said...

Ya, ..uh...... I made need to hand that question over to Mr. Timmy Austin, cause...... Uh... You got me on that one. When I get time though, i'ma gonna google it and I bet I can find it. Oh, terry said it was a mouse, Ya.... Right......

Farm Girl said...

Mummsie, I don't remember if I even noticed where they started or stopped. If I looked, that would have told me a lot, wouldn't it?