Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have a Greenhouse!

I was given this greenhouse by my father-in-law several months ago, maybe a year ago. He built it and used it for a year or so, starting seeds, growing onions and radishes, and a few other things. He asked me if wanted it and of course I told him yes! Ed and I went up and hauled it home, in pieces of course. I really never expected it to get put back together, as it was a jumble of this and that! Almost every time E talked to his dad, he would ask if it was set up yet. Finally, E told him he would set it up if he his dad would come and help. Last Sunday, this is what they did, in the rain too! It rained the entire time they worked on it, then of course it quit raining and the sun came out just when they were done! It is 5 ft. 8 inches wide and 8 ft. 6 inches long. It was over 120 degress today with the sun shining on it. E is going to hook it up to our outside furnace so we can heat it this winter. He said he will use a radiator from a small car or something like that.
The glass panels are double paned door panels. This will be an adventure! I will have to see what works and what doesn't, as far as heat and light on freezing nights. His dad told me to fill it up with plants!


Jeanie said...

Wonderful, Sharon! I'm excited for you. I've always wanted one also. Hook up to the outdoor wood furnace is a great idea. Way to go, Ed! :D

mom said...

conicateI'm sure you will FILL it up+ NICE

mom said...

mrs Boosie sneaked her 2 cents in somehow,...I'll catch her one of these times