Monday, October 31, 2011

This is our first transplant into the new greenhouse! It was about 56 degrees and quite windy outside but was 80 and toasty inside. Gypsy loved it and stayed inside for a long time, watching us.
Ditch dug and hot water pipes installed!

Getting it all hooked up!

 Woo hoo! Slowly but surely, it is coming along! I can hardly wait!
We finally got the tin roof on, and yesterday we put all the hay equipment under the roof. Sure makes ya feel good to know it is all under cover for the winter. Now, let it snow! (No, not really, don't care if I ever see snow again)!


mom said...

bonforI can't wait to see it filled up

Bluebird74 said...

Even farm equipment needs a roof over their heads!

Jeanie said...

Gypsy is looking good these days! Think I'd be right in there with her. :)

Will you be able to put your potted plants in the greenhouse for the winter now? Or are you going to grow veggies? Both?

Farm Girl said...

Jeanie, I will put as many as I can in the greenhouse as soon as we get some heat in it. I intend to try to grow some veggies too, not sure how to make that happen yet.