Friday, September 23, 2005

Right now, at this minute, I'm so glad I don't live in Texas anymore. I sure feel for the people that have to leave and don't know what, or if, anything will be there when they get back. It would be a difficult place to be, especially if you have large animals, such as horses, as we do. I can't imagine the stress and upset that that would do to me. I hope and pray that everyone stays safe.

When Ed got home from work, we left immediately to go and pick up a load of hay that was on a wagon waiting for us. We loaded 115 bales, all we could haul, and brought it home in the dark on a winding, twisty, hilly, rural road. I was so glad to get home. (I'm a wuss, especially in the dark)! As we unloaded it and I was putting bales on the elevator, I was thinking how ordinary a thing we were doing and all those people trying to get out of east Texas were sitting in that huge 100 mile traffic jam. What a lot of stress and emotion for them.

I rode Sis on Wednesday when Ed was there to help. Since I don't know her history, I was hesitant to ride her but he led her around the round pen with me on her, then let us loose and she and I did just fine. She walked off and even trotted a little. She is not very soft in the bridle, but she will get better, I'm sure. I love the John Lyons training method and use it with all my horses. It is gentle with the horse and they learn quickly.

I have been working Maddie in the round pen too. We started with outside turns, and she did pretty well. She attempted to turn inside several times and after cutting her off and turning her back to the outside, she quit trying, mostly. Well, then I tried to teach her inside turns and she thinks that is the wrong thing to do now! So we are having some trouble getting them. She isn't reading the difference in my body language yet, but that will come. We just need to do more. I wear out before she does, and I have to stop and get my breath before continuing. But we will get there.


mom said...

I just found your address again ,,, You really do have some exciting days, don't you ??? I don't like thoes hilly steep roads much myself glad you made it home safely I don't remember you having a white horse. Is she a new one??? LOVE MOM

Farm Girl said...

No, she was a stray that came to visit. She and her two friends have gone home now.