Sunday, September 25, 2005

We woke up to RAIN this morning and it is still raining at 9:00 PM. Ed got bored and decided to drive to Greencastle (gas prices didn't cross his mind?) for breakfast!! This is a tiny little Mom and Pop restauant. It used to be a depot stop of the Monan Rail road. It is full of train memorabelia and other antiques. They also make good coffee!!

We each had an omelet, which was quite tasty. And I had some of their good coffee! Yum! We visited a Tractor Supply store then returned home. Since it was raining, raining, raining, we pretty much stayed inside.
We had to go out and seperate Sis and Katie though. They got along pretty well for awhile, but now Katie is chasing poor Sis and picking on her in the run in shed, where they were all congregated to escape the rain. So...Katie was banished to the barn for the afternoon, and there was peace again, at least with the horses.

But, one of the banty hens has decided she wants to be a mother. When they are in their broody state, they don't lay eggs, and will sit on an empty nest for weeks. So...she has been banished to the empty end of chicken house all by herself, and the nest box covered up so she can't nest in it at night. I've read that if you can break up their broodiness within the first couple of days, then within seven days they should start laying again. Don't know if it wil work, but we are trying it. It is too late in the year, we don't want to raise any more chicks right now.

Yes it is still raining!


Ruth said...

I wish I could keep one of these up, I started one about 3 times but have never got past the first day.

Ruth said...

I wrote some on mine agin, check it out.