Friday, September 16, 2005

This is the day that the Lord hath made!!! I love that song! It is such a happy tune! Today was a wonderful day. It was cloudy with a good breeze blowing. Temperature was 70°.
Since it was nice working weather, I decided to take the riding lawn mower with a trailer hitched to it and clean the horse manure out of the dry lot. I wanted to put it in my round pen to make the footing softer. It has a clay footing that dries as hard as concrete and when wet is so sticky and slick. So...I hauled 6 loads and dumped in there. I probably need 20 more! There might be 5 or 6 more that I can pick up, I just ran out of time. I sure hope it makes a difference.

A couple of days ago, I happened to look out the back window about 4:45 PM and saw three strange horses coming up the back pasture into the barn area. I ran outside and got some grain and a halter and tried to get them to come to me. But they took off to the neighbors house. I yelled for the neighbors and they came running and helped me catch them. We put them in our round pen and when Ed got home we finally tracked down the neighbor they belonged to. It was quite late by then so we gave them hay and water in the round pen and waited until the next day to take them home.
Their Mom came with some halters and I helped her lead them home down our back pasture, through the woods, and then across a hay field and into their own pasture. She invited me to her home for a glass of ice water, which tasted so good after that trek!
She showed me her emu's, a pair of golden pheasants, and assorted house pets. She is an interesting lady. I didn't know her before this, as she lives on a different rural road than we do.

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