Sunday, September 11, 2005

Today we went to an abandoned sawmill and picked up two pickup truckloads of firewood. Some of it was very heavy stuff. Hickory, oak, some poplar, a few pieces of locust. Some of it we had to split, the rest we just loaded and brought it home and threw it on the woodpile. It was very hot today, and humid to boot, about 89°! We sweated quite a lot! After the last load we went to Burger King for some burgers and to sit in an air conditioned place to eat it!

We are having a problem with our horses, and I don't know what the problem is. Three of them are lame. I attributed it to the farrier trimming their feet too short last Monday, but now Sis is lamer than she was yesterday. I am suspicious of the hay. None of them are getting any grain, only hay, but I think something must be wayyyyy out of balance in this hay. It isn't moldy or dusty. But we have a problem somewhere. And no, they are not getting any grass either, they are on dry lot. How to find out where the problem is???????? I switched them to some other hay today, it is much richer, has some alfafa in it, but we will give it a trial and see what developes.

Some time ago, Ed brought me a Rice Cooker. Some one at work had a yard sale, and he was throwing away all the stuff that didn't sell. So Ed brought some of it home. The rice cooker was barely used. Yesterday, I made a banana bread in it, and for supper I made spaghetti in it. I put the dry spaghetti in and added a jar of sauce on top and let 'er cook! I had to stirr it pretty often but it made some good spaghetti. I cooked a half pound of hamburger and added that to it, and a can of mushrooms. Yummy.

There were two boxed of assorted dishes and I gave them to a young family that had everything stolen out of there house. She is 6 months pregnant and has a 2 year old too. I took her shopping to get the babies some clothes and she wanted to go to the Goodwill Store so that is where we did the shopping. She got a lot of stuff for the kids and some for her self too. So far, they havent' gotten any of their stuff returned.

Today is the anniversary of 9 11. I went to a couple of places and looked through some of the photographs of the destruction. I hope a lot of people did that and stop and think about why we are at war in Irak. One reason is because if we didn't do something about these terrorists, we would be fighting them here on our turf, in America. I think President Bush knows that. Even though his popularity rating is very low now, someday, people will thank him for what he did for this country. Maybe not in his life time, but they will eventually.


graceonline said...

Thank you for writing about your life. It is wonderful to read the moments of your day you choose to share with us. You have an easy way with the language that fits like a comfortable shoe (hard to come by!).

Farm Girl said...

Thank you, I love to write, don't know how except to write as if I were talking to you. I am glad you enjoy my little glimpes into my life.