Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hi all, nuttin' much going on around here. And that is a good thing, I guess. Don't need anything unexpected to surpise me. I'm impatiently waiting for winter to be over. We had a taste of it a couple of days ago. It was 67° ! More, more! Well, it was nice while it lasted! But...I have seen a flock of robins!!!

This morning Ed and I went to Elletsville to a flea market. I bought a cookbook! Aren't you surprised? It was one of The Best Of Country Cooking Yearbooks, 2002. Love those books! I thought it was worth 3.00.

We went to Martinsville and bought some shelled corn from one of his farmer friends. We had to turn on the auger at the grain bins to fill our sacks. It was sooooo cold and windy, I nearly froze into a popsicle!! Didn't think I'd ever thaw out! Sometimes those horrible hot flashes come in handy!

Ed then took a five gallon bucket of the corn and filled his deer feeder when we got home. Tonight at dusk as we were doing our evening feeding, there were 4 deer down there eating. The feeder is battery operated and has a timer on it and it automatically comes on and spreads out a thin layer of corn on the ground. It has something like a small fan with fins and the corn comes out and the thingy spins around and the corn is slung out in about a 6 foot circle. And the deer come and eat nearly every kernal. We see them nearly every night. Ed counted 8 of them one night.

The chickens are laying again. Ed put a light in their house that comes on at 4:00 AM. This gives them several more hours of light, so they start laying again. If we had done this in October or so they would have kept on laying. The three pullets are just starting to lay eggs now. Two of them lay brown eggs and one of them is a green egg. Yesterday we got 7 eggs, and today we got six! (We have 10 hens) Eggs anyone??? We can't eat them all! Ed takes them to work and gives them away, sometimes!


Yvonne said...

I, too, love cookbooks! I especially love the kind that are put together by a woman's group or church group - you know, the best tried and true recipes! It would be cool to see deer like that everyday - and the egg colors sound pretty neat too! You'll just have to do a lot of baking!

mom said...

Sorry to disagree with you about winter,but I wish we'd have winter like I remember them,,,,,,,I don/t like these kind of winters......these winters are awfully messy !!! We had left-overs for lunch.. Daddy Bear growled,but ate them anyway..I have to go to work tonight sooooo I had better git the kitchen cleaned up ..bye now..MOM

Jeanie said...

Enjoyed talking to you earlier today. :)
Well worth $3 I'd say.
I think a hunter has gotten my doe that used to bring her babies to our clearing for I haven't seen her in ages now. There are lots of tracks about, so deer are coming around at night. Now that hunting season is over maybe I'll start to see them in the daytime again.
Glad the egg producers are back in business for you. LOL