Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Life as I See It
I had to go into Spencer this morning to the post office. Well, when I got into my truck, I discovered that the drivers door wouldn't latch! I had to hold the door shut with one hand and drive with the other. It is 6.8 miles to the post office. Whew! So I called Ed and we decided to have it fixed. This is just the 3rd time, we have had major problems with this door. The first time we took it to the dealership and we think they messed it up even worse, because it acted strange when they got done with it and they told us "it is supposed to do that". Well, it DIDN'T do THAT before they got in there. Ok,that is my rant for the day!

How is this for a relaxing Sunday afternoon?? Sh, he doesn't know I took this photo!

This morning as I was making the bed, I looked out the window and this hawk was sitting on the top of a fence post along side the horses' pasture. So I took his portrait. It was a long way away, but I think he looks majestic sitting there. It was rainy and gray, but you can still see his colors. I need a 600 mm lens to take photos of wildlife. Mine is too short. OH, well, someday.

I'm headed out to make some brownies. You are all invited to come and help me eat them. The coffee is hot and the milk is cold. Pick your favorite. And the door is open!!


Ruth said...

M car door did that once but I was in Corydon, right by the dealership that we bought the car from so I was able to just drive over there and they squirted a little oil on it and worked fine. These gravel roads can be hard on the mechanisms.

mom said...

Oh, for a bungie cord !!!! MOM

Rachel said...

My car door does that too, whats the deal here? Everytime I open it I have to reset the latch or it wont shut. I think its a conspiracy. I know someone hired a hard working little bird to mess with all the car doors. Its to see if we will say wirty dords.
Funny how it all changes when you try to spell the way ya talk.

mom said...

my car does that when I don't get the seat belt in far enought