Friday, January 20, 2006

My Life as I See It

This is sure a strange January. It was so warm today. I turned the horses out this morning, picked stalls, and rebedded them, refilled all the water buckets, filled the hay racks for the horses' evening meal, and swept the barn aisle, all in just under an hour! Oh, and fed the cats and the chickens too!
I really don't mind picking stalls, but I like to have it done first thing in the morning, so I don't have to look forward to 'doing it' later in the day! Especially when I am trying to get supper started and whatnot. So I like to have it done early.

We had an insurance rep come and look at our place and give us a quote, and he called later and it seems that they can do it for half of what we are paying now. So we will likely change. Also their auto rates are quite a bit cheaper too. We have had our insurance with a company that Ed's sister works for. But that is about to change!

I didn't feel like cooking tonight so we went to Subway and I had a Veggie sandwich with Sweet Onion dressing. It was so yummy!

I made those brownies I spoke of in a previous post. They were very good. They were chocolate cinnamon, with candied cherries and walnuts in them, but...I know me pretty well! I wanted to eat the whole pan! I did eat a couple, but I put the rest in the freezer. We were given a Foodsaver Vacuum Packaging machine for Christmas. I put those brownies in a bag and it vacuum packaged them. Now they are safe from ME! And maybe we will have them for Lois' teaparty?


Yvonne said...

I'd love to get that brownie recipe! Sounds great! I love the Veggie delight with that sweet onion dressing - Love it!

Lois said...

Sharon, never tried the sandwich, it's been years since I've had a Subway. Hey bring on the brownies, I'll clear a spot on the table for them.

mom said...

I been thinging ......Maybe we better plan on making this a diet or a vegetarian menue.... sounds like we are heading for gaing weight.

Lois said...

Aah Mom, that's no fun.

mom said...


Rachel said...

Mom you are soooo right. It has not been fun but the other day I bought myself a new pair of jeans( had to the other one wouldnt stay up) and they were a size 14. I havnt worn a size 14 in so long I dont even remember when. We could have a healthy tea party and you wouldnt even know it was diet food. Come on cooks, use the imagination.