Monday, January 09, 2006

I liked what another Blogger wrote (Thanks Yvonne) on her post. I don't usually dig this deep into myself, but thought I'd try it too.

What makes me tick? Here are a few things about me:

  1. I love spaghetti!
  2. I am a people pleaser.(Not sure if that is a good thing, though).
  3. I'm very empathetic. A sad picture or something of that nature haunts me for long time.
  4. I love to cook and try new recipes.
  5. It is easy to bring me to tears. (This bugs me a lot!) Just watching a beautiful horse playing will choke me up).
  6. I have been a people watcher ever since I was a little girl. People are such fascinating creatures!
  7. I'm a methodical shopper.I love to check out this or that product against all the others on the shelf. (Drives Ed crazy)!
  8. I love to bake.
  9. I am very analytical. I want to know the how of something, and the why of it.
  10. I love archealogy. The why's of what happened 'back then'.
  11. I hate driving ANYWHERE new, with out detailed directions. The names of the three preceding streets, and landmarks, please.
  12. I don't have a scrap of perfectionism in my body! I usually just do what it takes for the moment. (probably not a good thing, either).
  13. I hate over easy eggs!
  14. I love to iron. Such a sense of satisfaction to see a piece hanging on a hanger all pressed and smooth!
  15. Even though I dislike a particular task, I do it well, when I do it.
  16. I love it when one of the horses gently touches my face with their muzzle. Checking me out, a caress?
  17. I get very frustrated trying to explain myself. I don't articulate my feelings very well.
  18. I love organization, everything in its place, but I'm not a very organized person.
  19. I am impatient.
  20. I love to grow things, anything!
  21. I married late, but Ed was so worth waiting for! Love him to pieces!
  22. I was terribly, painfully, shy as a child.
  23. I have learned to enjoy my solitude. My own company.


Yvonne said...

Good for you for coming up with that! Now I know you a little better - I enjoyed doing it, too! We are a lot alike!

Ruth said...

Good job Sharon, I don't think I learned anything new about you though(except maybe for the ironing, who would have thunk it?) I must know you pretty well. I don't think I could find that many things about myself at one sitting. You'll have to take them one at a time from me I guess. Like how I love slicky pjs and I hate to shop for shoes.

Ruth said...
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Jeanie said...

...and that is why we love you so much! XOX

Lois said...

Sharon, You are so right on, if I saw that list printed somewhere, I'd have said, "Now that sounds just like my Sharon, fits her like a good glove" Love ya, sis.
Such deep soul searching would have tired my brain, you did good though.

Yvonne said...

So I want to know what the deleted comment was all about - and how do you delete it??

Ruth said...

I Yvonne, I deleted the comment.I accidently posted my comment twice so I had to delete one of them. When you post a comment notice the little trash can at the bottom of the window. That will delete your comment.