Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hiking In Autumn

Last Sunday my baby sister and I went to Greens Bluff Nature Preserve and hiked down a beautiful narrow trail to the Bluffs. There are large hemlock trees growing on the face of this huge cliff, overhanging the creek. Here are a couple of her photos. The trees were just starting to change color so there isn't much in these photos, but it was a quiet, restful, beautiful place. Come and go with me, and we will do it again, now that the trees have really changed. We can walk her from my house. It is about a 30 minute walk, maybe a little more.

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mom said...

well I did comment on your stinky plant but lost the comment somewhere......mayben this one will go thru ...your hike is tempting me to take a hike !!!!! I could use a nice restful calm and peaseful repose and I'm getting so soft and flaaaaaaby just sitting around all day the place looks restful........gotta go tend to the laundry.......Bye Now,MOM