Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A couple of summers ago, I went to a plant sale put on by one of the churches in Bloomtown. I spent all of 50 cents! I bought a 3 inch, single stem, rooted cutting of a Carrion Flower.

It has grown very well, and recently it sprouted 5 flower buds. Two of them actually developed into flowers. Here is a couple of photos that I took within the last 3 weeks. The flowers just opened today. They are 8 inches across.

Why is it called the Carrion Flower? Well, if you get your nose within a couple of inches of the flowers, it smells exactly like 'road kill' ! I suppose in the wild it attracts insects for pollination.


mom said...

peeeou,I remember the one you had at turkey sure did smell awful !!!!!!!Mom

Ruth said...

Your green thumb can produce amazing things!

Yvonne said...


Lois said...

Yes, I can smell it now, the nose never forgets. How long ago was that, 36 years? Remember that volunteer 'Balsam' plant that came up at Mrs. Neals? A red spiney pod that burst open and held bright red seeds?