Sunday, October 15, 2006

I think this was my favorite view of the lake. In another week or so the trees will be in their full colors! I want to go back and take more photos, and just enjoy the scenery.
This isn't a large lake, but is was beautiful. The water was clear, and the trees are just beginning to turn colors. A walk around the lake was so relaxing and peaceful.
The Bloomington Photo Club, of which I'm a member, had our annual Club picnic in Brown County State Park, yesterday. It was an absolutely beautiful day!! Here are a couple of photos that I took of Strahl Lake, where we picniced. And I didn't even know Brown Co. had a lake!!

Here is the chute that Ed made, for us to be able to unload hay, with just the two of us doing it. The other end of the hay elevator is up on the loft floor, and I stand on the trailer and slide a bale down the chute and he catches it at the top, and stacks them. Wasn't he clever? It has sure made a hard job easier! We load the trailer with 80 bales, and put 20 in the back of the pick up truck. This week we hauled 204 bales of hay from the farmer and put them in the barn. We have approximately 55o bales of hay for the winter. That is one job that I'm glad to see done for the year!!!


Yvonne said...

Now that looks like a lot of work! The lake pictures are just so serene and beautiful!

Lois said...

Don't cha know you're not 20 any more, that's a lot of hay to move just to pick it up later off the stall floor with a pooper scooper. Glad you enjoy it.

mom said...

give Mr. Ed an A for that invention.