Monday, November 07, 2011

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Saturday morning the sunrise was very pretty, mostly blues, orange and pink. I thought the view was extra special.

                  The silhouettes of the dark trees, reflected on the water was spectacular. I think someone said it was 34 degrees outside.
I soon went inside and found breakfast well underway. A good cup of coffee tasted so good!
Bacon, eggs, home made bread toasted, Rachel's tasty Blueberry and Cranberry cones, shoo-fly pie, fresh grapes and coffee.
It was a very busy kitchen!
Sharon, Mom, and Rachel, enjoying the unusually warm November afternoon.
It was a VERY big 'fish tale'!
Sisters, good friends, Rachel and Ruth.
Granny and grand daughter, Sarah Beth.
The day was made for long walks down country lanes.
Later it was time to mess up the kitchen again, for supper. Sarah is preparing to bake chicken for supper. With mashed potatoes, gravy and frozen corn from Lois and Kenny's garden. Also had persimmon pudding for dessert. It was the first time I have ever eaten any that I liked! It was so good I had three pieces!
The cabin, taken from the boat, while out on the lake.

Dad catching up on his reading, while enjoying the heat from the little stove.
Granny enjoying a magazine while guarding the persimmon pudding!
Yummo, s'mores! Sticky, sweet, gooey but sooo good!
Timmy and the catfish that he caught while we were eating those s'mores!
The cabin, in the dark, photo taken from the dock.
Sitting around the campfire, talking and enjoying the evening. OH, and the s'mores! I think everyone had a good time, and I know I enjoyed having everyone to reconnect with. Would love to do it again.


Ruth said...

Wow, that was interesting! almost makes me wish I was there..... oh wait, I was there! and it was a lot of fun.

Jeanie said...

Looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Enjoyed all the pictures! Good food and great company, makes for a fun time. :) The cabin looks so inviting with the lights turned on, in the picture taken from the dock.
Really enjoyed getting to talk to you also. Who made the persimmon pudding? There are some trees where Rick and I go fishing. :) I have a very bad memory of eating a green one many, many years ago! LOL

Farm Girl said...

Jeanie, Sarah made the persimmon pudding. It was quite sweet, but was so good. If you pick your persimmon now, after they have had a frost on them, they are very sweet. Don't be afraid to try them again! Just don't eat any more green ones! Yuck!

Lois said...

Hey, thanks for posting the pictures, got to relive it all over again. You didn't mention the slats fell out from under the bed and let dad down on the floor. Just got the comp. up and running again last night so first time I've seen the pictures. glad you got to come along.

Bluebird74 said...

Oh what wonderful photos! You are right Lois, you can almost smell the campfire again by just looking at the pictures, thanks Sharon for the photo journalism ! It was a wonderful time!