Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot dogs and homemade potato salad! These were the new 'dogs' with no preservatives in them. They don't make me thirsty like the others always did.
So, how do you like your hotdogs? I had a hankering for a hot dog, with pickled onions and the whole works! But I didn't have any hotdog buns, so I made some! These were tasty, too. They were even good three days later. And do you know what made them so easy? They were made in the bread machine! These I will be making again!


Jeanie said...

Looks delectable! I'll have to give that a try. We have square dogs here because I have hamburger buns around more often. LOL

Lois said...

Girl, you put me to shame, making things like 'hotdog buns.' Looks good. I'll add them to our list for the next get together.