Sunday, February 06, 2011

Baking Day

I had a busy day today, making Hot Dog Buns.
It was a good day to stay inside and bake. I had some Brats in the freezer but had no buns of any kind. With the help of the Internet, I decided to make my own buns and this is the end result. I originally tried to make them with my homemade yeast but it didn't seem to be working as the first batch of buns didn't raise at all. I eventually took about a half cup more of flour and added a teaspoon of instant yeast the flour, then kneaded that into the the first batch of buns. That was at 2:00 PM this afternoon. It is now 9:10 PM and they are starting to rise now! So my guess is they will go into the fridge to finish tomorrow.
These photos are of the second batch I mixed up, using a different yeast. I started them at 3:30 and we were eating them at 6:30.  Rising.
I will likely put some of these in the freezer as we can't eat them all while they are fresh. E grilled the Brats out on the the porch, while I made a pan of caramelized onions to top our brats with. Yummy! These are just out of the oven. 
They were tasty. Maybe not as soft and light as I would have liked them to be but at least I knew what went into them, unlike the packaged ones from the store. And I like the idea of making them myself!
Maybe you would like to try to make your own? It was not hard to do, at all.


Jeanie said...

They look yummy! The ones from the store always split open on the bottoms, so maybe it wasn't bad that yours weren't as soft?

Lois said...

Hey I would post but I can't get through. Yes I have daffodills, gleeding hearts,and crocus up. Saw lots of robbins at moms and the blueburd scouts are out hunting.

Ruth said...

hey testing

Ruth said...

testing again

Bluebird74 said...

OH Sharon I want the recipe !!! I like to know what is in my food too!