Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A New Face

Here is another view of Lake Monroe. I would never tire of watching the seasons change from this window! The lake is frozen over and has been for many weeks.

This was supper. I roasted this chicken in the Turbo Cooker for 1 1/2 hours and it was very moist and tasty. Also had home canned green beans and scalloped cheesy potatoes. Sure wish you could come and have supper with us.

This is a new face that showed up in the barn this afternoon. He is not full grown, unless he is just small. He is also the skinniest cat I have ever seen! He is as thin as a sheet of paper. His nose has scabs all over it. He tries his best to rub on the dogs and our legs. He want someone to pet him! Do you want him? We will feed him and get him back to being a happy and filled out kitty but we don't need any more cats!  We already have 6! And they are all strays but one, that have found their way to our barn, to be fed and loved. You would think we were running a homeless shelter here, now wouldn't you?


bluebird said...

Ahhh, Sharon you can't turn a sad face like that away, he needs some TLC, they know where to find it too, remember all the strays that showed up at home all the time?

Jeanie said...

The chicken looks tasty! I need to pratice making scalloped potatoes. Mine don't turn out too good. ;)

The cats are sharing your location, like the hobos used to mark the fences of good generous folks! LOL