Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Iced In!

E and I have spent the last two days at home because of the weather. Last night a mighty racket woke us up and I stumbled out to the living room to see what all that noise was! Well, it turned out that the temperature had briefly gone up above freezing during the night and ice was falling off the limbs of the trees.The wind was blowing like crazy so the ice was hitting the sides of the house! This was at 12:30 AM! What a racket! But by daylight it was 19 degrees again and we were in the deep freeze!
I don't think my flower garden likes all this ice either. Remember this deer, Jeanie? I think he looks pretty nice on the pole in my garden. The wind cups were so full of ice they couldn't turn, even in 30 MPH winds!
The drive way is a solid sheet of ice. E wrapped a chain around each tire on the Farmall tractor and it didn't have any trouble going up or down the driveway. But the snowplow on the tractor was completely useless as the ice was just too hard and solid and it had no effect on the ice at all! Ed had me take the tractor and a couple of chains up to the top of the driveway (just in case I had to pull the truck up) and wait for him while he drive our vehicles up the hill. With a long run at the hill he made it up without mishap. He parked them in the drive way of the neighbors mobile home. We will have to walk out the drive in the morning to our trucks but at least we can get out to go to work! The highway is clear of ice and snow. They put a lot of salt on it on Monday afternoon. I guess it helped. Wish they would salt our driveway, especially the hill!!

They don't really show it as it really was. It was pretty and sparkly, but very treacherous. I found out how treacherous! I was being very careful, but the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back in the driveway, out in front of the barn. I have an egg size lump on my head to remind me, that you can't be toooooo careful! I am fine, just a bit sore and stiff. With an inch of ice on the ground, I don't see it melting real soon as the temperature  isn't supposed to get out of the 20's until Sunday.


Lois said...

Wow, dont ya like being iced in? You are trying too hard to get out. Enjoy it while you can. I know, jobs!

Jeanie said...

Oh yes! Glad you are still enjoying it. Sure doesn't seem like it has been 8 years come May since I stayed there! I really enjoyed the great hospitally! :)