Saturday, February 05, 2011

More Snow!

Today we have more snow! Everything is so pretty, all the trees and bushes are frosted in white. This is the front pasture and hay field, taken through the window.
Here are a couple more photos that I took yesterday on my way to work. The whole countryside was bathed in diamonds. The sun was shining and everything just glistened and sparkled with all that ice on it. It was breath taking! 
I had the camera in one hand and took these out the window of my truck. All this ice is still there, it is just covered up with today's snowfall.
For years, I used to pass this barn on my way to work every morning and often wanted to photograph it, but I never did. It is surrounded by housing developments and the old fashioned farmhouse is there too, just out of sight from the road. Would love to know the story behind this lone farm.

Click on photos to make them larger if you wish.

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