Monday, February 21, 2011

Fluffy Sweets!

While I waited for the Barefoot Trimmer to come and trim the horses feet today, I whipped up a batch of vanilla marshmallows. When I made them the first time, before Christmas, I used a hand held mixer and it was nearly 'too much' for the machine. Well! I just had to try it again with the KitchenAid mixer! It was so easy!
After whipping them up, then you have to let them sit and dry for a few hours. When that has been accomplished it is time to cut them into cubes.
The pizza wheel did a nice job cutting them up.
Yummy! I'm going to try them in a cup of hot chocolate!

It rained buckets today while the trimmer was here. He was very happy to see Solomons feet. They are shaping up nicely, with a good concavity. I think he has nicer looking feet than he has ever had. Katie is a puzzle. She is lame if he takes her down to where she needs to be, but if he leaves her longer so she isn't lame, then the hoof wall develops cracks in the toe area. She has him pretty bumfuzzled! 

So much for spring! It was 55 degrees this morning, but it is 35 degrees now and feels really chilly, after that nice warm 65! I for one will be glad when it is consistently in the 50 degree range!  


Tea Party Daily said...

Those are beautifully tasty looking marshmallows. Have a great week!

mom said...


Lois said...

Marshmallow, marshmallow
You fluffy white treat
You float in my chocolate,
And make it so sweet.

But what? you say
From your watery brown
Help me, I'm melting
As I float around.

I'm melting, I'm shrinking
I'm floating about
But Oh was I good
As I melt in your mouth.

Jeanie said...

Yummy looking! I was just at the store and they wanted $1.19 for a bag. Don't know if my mixer would be up to the task though. Had it screeching when I was mixing up some refrigerator roll mix last week. Maybe I need to add a Kitchen Aide to my Wish list also! LOL

Bluebird74 said...

Oh Sharon, you are so ambitious!!
Come to my house sometime and make some with me please!!!!!