Friday, November 18, 2005

It was 18° this morning and in my book that is cold enough! I'm not a winter person by any means. I'm ready for March and April already! At least the sun is shining. That makes it appear warmer anyway. I bundled up and went out and fed the chickens and let them out into their runs. Even the chickens thought it was cold! They would tuck one foot up into their feathers to warm up, then switch feet and warm up the other one! They do tend to spend more time in their new chicken house too, now that it is cold outside.

I spent a couple of days this week making mulberry jelly. There was a mulberry tree on the horse farm where I worked last summer. And it had a bumper crop of berries. There were two employees that worked there. Myself, and the maintance man, Enrique, a Hispanic. We had worked together there for 8 years. Last summer we each collected the berries and froze them. He asked me if I would make him some of the jelly. (I had made some in the previous years also and gave it as Christmas gifts, so he had tasted some of my jelly). I agreed if he would buy the sugar, and canning jars. So, he brought me out all these frozen packages of mulberries!! He had at least 20 gallon bags of mulberries!!!!! I expected 7 or 8 bags, not 20!!!!!!
So I made the jelly. It made 4 cases of pints, that is 48 pint jars of jelly. Don't tell him this, but I saved 4 of those bags for myself since I put in all the work! And that is what I was doing this week, making those 4 gallons of frozen mulberries into jelly. It is rich, and soooo tasty! It tastes a bit strong to taste it on a spoon, but on a toasted Enlish muffin, there 'ain't nuthin better' !!! Since I don't work there anymore, these were the last ones I had. I will miss my mulberries. These were huge, big berries. Love 'em!

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Yvonne said...

If you have any jelly left....How much $$? Sounds delicious!