Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This is rather crude, but I laughed out loud when I saw it! Someone had to have a very active imagination to think up something like this for advertising!! Even the shirts match in color!!

I took a long drive out on the back country roads of Owen County today, looking for some nice fall scenes to photograph. I found some, but also found some sites that I need to come back to in the early morning to photograph. If I can drag myself out of the house that early, that is what I am planning to do tomorrow morning. I also forgot my tripod and had to turn off my truck (to lessen vibration) and use the top of the door to set my camera on it.

We are having a photo share at the Photography Club and I need twenty images to submit. Some of them are from photos I have taken this last summer, but I need some fresh ones too. Posted by Picasa

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Ruth said...

You wouldn't catch me driving that truck!