Friday, November 11, 2005

This has been a busy week. Ed was home all week and that limited my time to add to this, somewhat. He wanted to go hunting, but the first part of the week was too warm, so we just caught up on things that needed doing before winter really sets in with a vengence. I followed him from job to job, handing him tools or whatever.
This morning, it was 28° and he left waayyyy before daylight to go and sit in a tree!! Me??? If I was going to sit in a tree, I'd want to do it when it was 55° in the mornings, instead of 28°!!! But then...I don't plan on sitting in a tree, unless it is with a camera!

We very nearly had a bad accident this afternoon. Ed has an old homemade hay wagon that he put 2 foot tall sides on. He took it to the sawmill in Spencer this afternoon, and had them load it with two scoops of sawdust. (That will usually last us a while, for bedding the horses stalls, when the weather is bad). Since the pickup can't pull the loaded wagon up our driveway, Ed parked it up by the road and came to the house and got the tractor. He hitched it to the wagon and started down the hill with it. But the wagon was just too heavy and pushed his tractor sideways, and over a bank. Three feet more and it would have gone into a sinkhole!! Anyway, the wagon jacknifed against the tractor tire and it was stuck!! I stood on the front porch and watched this happen, with my heart in my mouth. I was expecting it to roll over, since it was down over the bank. Ed later said he thought that too!! Just by the grace of God, that tractor and wagon didn't roll and do some real damage or injury.

It took Ed 4 hours to extract it from its predicament. He had to off load the sawdust into the pickup truck, drive it up to the house and unload it, twice. The wagon was too heavy for the truck to try and move it from its jammed position.

Finally, he could hitch a chain to the back of the wagon and pull it sideways enough to get it off of the tractor tire, and we could hitch it to the tractor again and pulled it up to the barn!! Whew, I don't want to see such a thing again!!

Now you know why we want to move to a flatter piece of property. Everything,and I mean every square inch of this place is either uphill or downhill and is dangerous when using the tractor!!

I spent the day making Gingered Pear Jam. I made three batches. I was quite surprised that Ed liked it. Usually if it isn't grape or strawberry, he won't bother, but he liked it very much. Even suggested it as a birthday gift for a family member!


Ruth said...

Whoa, hey, careful there. That looks dangerous! Glad every one is safe. Glad there wasn't a snow on!

mom said...

Sharon Sarah Said you forgot to mention that she came with you saturday and helped to clean up the garden.........