Sunday, November 27, 2005

We had a 'Girls Day Out' today in Brown County. We drove into Nashville to do some Christmas shopping in the shops there. It is a neat place to spend the day. There are shops selling everything imaginable. Crafts, fudge, candles, clothing, Christmas decorations, food, country decor, antiques of all kinds, artwork and lots more. Everything. We try to get all the 'girls' together once a year, and have fun. We had lunch at neat little place called the Hob Nob Pizza Place. The sure make HUGE salads!!!

Here we are during our day. It was rainy all day but that wasn't so bad. It kept the crowd thinned down a bit. Usually it is very crowded, but today was not bad at all.

I so enjoy our time together. It doesn't happen often enough. I'm grateful for such a loving family, that we can spend time together and want to do it again!


Yvonne said...

How fun for you all! I have always heard about Brown County, and have yet to go there. My sister has been there and really enjoyed it. By the way, the cookies are baked, boxed and ready to ship after work tomorrow!!

mom said...

Hi kids mom looks a little crooked in that picture!!!!! Brown county is a fun place to shop.....bring a bunch of money and a pair of comfortable walking shoes MOM

Ruth said...

I didn't think you would eat all that salad but you did! I bet you didn't leave there hungry.