Sunday, November 20, 2005

We had a busy day today. Ed got up REAL early to go and freeze his bum off, sitting in a tree! No, he didn't get a deer. He saw one that was out of range, but that was all.

The farrier came at 9:30 and trimmed all the horses. She showed me how to do some touch ups in between her 5 week visits. By trial and error, we have discovered that she was trimming Katie and Maddie too short, and they were lame for about 2 weeks after her trims. So the last time she was here, I suggested that we try something different, and leave them longer. An experiment. Katie didn't have a lame moment!! KJ liked the results, and we did the same this time, and Katie and Maddie are good! The weekly touchups are to keep the toes from growing too long.
KJ is from Arizona and the horses feet out there are on dry, sandy, rocky soil, and here, they are on soft, often wet or muddy soil. The feet grow totally different, and she is trying to get used to having to trim differently. She does a good job, learning, as she does different things, now that she is in Indiana.

Ed and I finished putting the kick boards up in the run in shed for the horses. This is to keep the horses from coming in contact with the metal siding and possibly kicking and getting a foot through the tin.

When we finished that job, we cut pieces of roofing tin to extend the roofing along the back of the shed roof. The rain has been running down inside and soaking the floor. This should help getting the water to run away from the wall and hopefully to keep it dry inside.

Today was warm and breezy. Just perfect for working outside. The sun was shining and it was 54°. Real nice for mid November.

Poor Kitty, am I mean? I put bird seed out on the deck, and this chipmunk stuffs her cheeks, and then disapears under the deck to stash it in her winter den. Then she returns for more. Kitty sits here watching and wanting, but to no avail. That chipmunk has run back and forth right in front of the window, knowing Kitty can't get her. I enjoy watching her, but I don't think Kitty does!!


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