Monday, February 13, 2006

Are you tired of my bird photos yet? Well, this is a new one for me! It is a male American Redstart . I think he was hungry too. He sure was grabbing the spilled seed that was on the ground.

No the trees didn't run today. It was too windy and cold. Didn't get over 32° today. But I expect them to tomorrow! It should be 44°, or so. There were 4 deer at the deer feeder about 10:00 this morning, but they didn't stay long. Something spooked them after about 5 minutes.

I was vacuuming the bedroom carpet and just happened to turn my head in time to see three red horses, go racing past the window, running toward the neighbors yard. I grabbed a sweatshirt and raced outside to see them running circles in their yard!! I flew out to the barn and grabbed a halter and a bucket with some grain, and hurried next door. I didn't badly as I wanted to, so
that I wouldn't spook them even more! (This was about 4:00 PM this afternoon). Katie let me walk up to her because she wanted what I had in the bucket. I haltered her and headed back to our barn and threw her in a stall. I expected Solomon and Maddie to follow her, were having way tooooo much fun!! Especially Maddie, she had her tail up over her back, and was whistling through her nose and having a ball! I caught Solomon and then Maddie decided she didn't want to be the only one over there so came running back and flew into the barn, as I was leading Solomon inside. Whew! It scares 5 years off of me when they get out and take off! We have a long 1/4 mile driveway, but the highway is full of big log trucks, and lots of fast traffic. And if they got out there, it wouldn't be nice! We don't want to go there. After I got them in the barn, I discovered that I, me, myself, and yours truly had left the gate open this morning, and they didn't discover it until 4:00PM!! Won't do that again! Whew, what an afternoon!  Posted by Picasa


mom said...

I agree !!!! WHAT A DAY........ Glad you saw them in time

Ruth said...

Can't even find anybody else to blame that on on can you. Hate it when that happens!

Lois said...

As Timmy would say, "Steve did it" or "Bindy did it, it wasent me,
she did it."
Steve Erwin, aka, 'Crocodile Hunter' and Bindy is his little daughter and Timmy's accomplice in crime.
You too, could have blamed Bindy, you didn't have to make us think YOU did it, Ay?
Glad it turned out OK. Will you have a few more gray hairs when we meet again?