Saturday, February 25, 2006

Today was a nice day. We cooked syrup hard most of the day, but we took time out to go to Chili's for lunch. Yummy! We had two 5.00 coupons that would have expired on Tuesday, so we ate them up!

I canned 6 1/2 pints of syrup this evening.

A friend called and told me that she knew of a Rocky Mountain Horse breeding farm that had all its horses confiscated because they were starving and several had already died. She wanted to know if I could take any of them, to nurse them back to health. It would be my horse, I wouldn't have to give it back. We tried to get more information but didn't know enough about it to make a decision. She called me back this evening and said there were only 4 out of about 16 that could be adopted and 3 were stallions, 1 a filly. All were under 3 years old, and most likely weren't halter broke.
I told her I don't have the facilities to take an unhandled horse. She will get more information tomorrow and let me know.

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Ruth said...

Just what you need, more horses, right? About like I need more dogs! But I know if I had the opertunity to rescue some dogs from starvation I would too. Heard any more about it?