Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yikes, I sure don't want Aunt Woosy's fate to happen to me!! That sounds pretty permanent, to end up as a bit of funny looking dust under the Christmas tree skirt!

Nuttin much happenin' around here. I couldn't function at 3:00 AM! I am falling asleep at 10:00 PM, when I happen to be up that late. I do hear Aunt Woosy's sister, Wiffy, scattering the newspapers and such, around the living room floor ocasionally. She makes a lot of noise!(the cat likes to play with her toy mouse in the middle of the night).

Remember the old mare that we were given last summer? She was skinny and neglected. She went to a new home this morning. It is an older gentleman, wanted a quiet, safe, laid back, gentle, not too tall horse, to ride in the woods when he goes mushroom hunting.

I went and looked at his place yesterday, and we talked for a couple of hours, about everything under the sun. I also talked to the veternarian, and she gave me her take on him and his horse care. He checked out ok. He lives 1/2 mile from Stone Ridge Arabians. I told him I will be ' popping in' . He said ok, anytime. He has offered to let us bring our horses over there to ride, and has offered to let Ed hunt there. There are 1400 acres, some of it in corn and soy bean crops, the rest in woods. The old St. Rd. 446 runs through the farm, too. He said it is in the will, that when the two remaining heirs die, the land will be turned over to a Wildlife Refuge, forever. It is a very nice place.

Sis, walked right into his trailer, and then started calling, and calling, and calling, I could hear her, still calling, when she was a long way down the road. It made me cry. (you know me, it don't take much). And Katie was calling back, from our pasture. And she still is and Sis has been gone for an hour. Katie was awfully mean to her. Wouldn't let her in the shed, wouldn't let her stand near them out in the pasture. Wouldn't tolerate her at all, unless I was close by to get after Katie, then as soon as I would leave, she would go after her again! The meanie!

I hope we did the right thing. I know, we don't need 4 horses, but, she has never had anyone to take care of her or show her any attention. She gained about 175 pounds since September. She was looking real nice. So...did I do the right thing? She was 22 years old, and we liked her a lot. She was such a gentle soul.

I am getting a strong urge to go out and stir around in the dirt in the garden. Last fall, I used the leaf shredder on the lawn mower and dumped 18 inches of ground up leaves on my garden. It has sunk down to about 8 now, but that is still a lot. I may just pull the leaves away and plant in it that way. Instant mulch.

Well, it is 1:00 PM and I have to get to the post office by 1:30 so gotta run.


Jeanie said...

Glad to hear that Ed is okay now!

Hope you are feeling better about Sis going to another home. Strange about Katie calling after her, since she was so mean to her. You would have thought she would have been glad to see her go. Hope he shows Sis the same attention that I'm sure you all gave her.

Love, Jeanie

Lois said...

Oh, so you are still in the land of the living, Guess Aunt Woosy lost another one to DyTeck. Good. Tell me about Sis sometime, I didn't know someone gave you a horse. I think you did the right thing, she will get used to her new home and be glad she's not being tormented and picked on. She thanks you.

As the song goes, "Tears are our language, God understands." I nearly teared up just reading your post, knowing how you must have felt, parting with your dear friend. You'll be glad she has a nice new home and someone who will take good care of her. Heads up.

mom said...

YES,YES, You did the right thing ......Just think , You made an old man happy ,and gave Sis a loving care taker She is already settled in and happier than she has ever been. You know if he was willing for you to just drop in anytime without notice that he takes good care of

mom said...

Aunt Woosey sure has been busy lately stiring up dust Jeanie , If I was you I'd be looking behind me every few

Farm Girl said...

Ruth, I didn't forget your request, but I've been really busy, and besides, I dont know how.

Farm Girl said...

Thank you all for your kind words, they help. Maddie is still calling for Sis. She is the only one that befriended her.