Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hello everybody this is Sarah, I'm at Sharons this time you never know where I'll pop up! I came up here to visit since we didn't get to see her last week at our dinner. We went to Blooming Foods health food store and got a few things and drove to see a horse she just gave to someone this week . This is she. The person lived up on a hill sorta and there are no trees around to block the wind and it was blowing something fierce and we where frozen into a pop sickle the wind chill was at 19 degrees! The horse seemed to be just fine, she had a nice snug building to be in bedded with warm hay.
I told Sharon that for me to come and see her I had a sring attatched-my laundry!! It sure is a bothersome thing that laundry!! I made a pumpkin pie while I was up here we where looking at a new cookbook and I got inspired by the wonderful pictures! It was an Impossable Pie that is crustless and so easy to make. It was done in no time because it is made with Bisquick mix, and it was so good. Ed went and finnished off the Cool Whip just before the pie was done so we had to eat it topless!! Oh well I guess it is his house. Well I have the last load of laundry coming out so I better get on my way it is 7:00 and have a ways to get home, this pretty wintery wonderland!! So long and goodnight all! Posted by Picasa

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