Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wow, the trees are running like crazy today! When I did the morning feeding the trees were not doing anything, but this afternoon, these pictured buckets were full, and one of the trees down in the woods has a 4 gallon bucket on it, and it had been running over for some time! We emptied all the buckets tonight when Ed got home and we ended up with 25 gallons of sap!! and that is just today since it warmed up! Will they run all night? I don't know, they have sometimes in the past, when conditions are right. I hope not. It will take me all day to cook 25 gallons because I only have one stove to cook on. Last year we borrowed a friends deep frying turkey cooker, but we don't have it this year. So we will just have to do what we can do!


Lois said...

We have a turkey fryer, come on down. Scott gave me for Christmas, a BIG heavy duty stainless cooking kettle, just almost as tall as the turkey fryer. It's made for a fryer base or something big. It's almost too big for my stove. Would work great for sap or cooking 50 ears of corn
in canning season. Need it? It came from the Bass Pro shop.

Ruth said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy for a while. How much Maple syrup did you end up with last year?

Yvonne said...

You amaze me! It's so cool that you know how to do this kind of stuff.