Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hi all, I've had all kinds of trouble for the last couple of days trying to get a post on here. I couldn't get anyone else's posts either. Sarah was quite upset since she thought she had posted but nothing would go through, but...I guess it did anyway, when she wasn't looking.

It was so nice to have you here, Sarah. Lets do it again sometime soon, OK?

This is a Northern 'Yellow Shafted' Flicker. I see lots of woodpeckers at my feeder. I even see a Pileated Woodpecker there sometimes, working on my suet cake. That bird is HUGE! He is at least 12 inches long!!

We sure woke up to wintertime again! Yuk! At least we know it won't last long, since it is February already. Heard this morning that it is supposed to be 12° next weekend. I even rode Solomon one day this past week when it was 55°! I love winter when it is that warm!

We just came back from the grocery store. Ed got some apples and he sliced them up and put them on the dehydrator. I didn't know he liked dried apples. But he wanted the skins left on them, so we will see how that turns out. I would have peeled them first. But it is his experiment, right?

Weather like this makes me want to bake something!! Bread, a cake, or cookies, or a pie, or just something! Something to do, and warm up the kitchen at the same time! How about a pan of cinnamon rolls? Posted by Picasa


mom said...

t Me Know When You Get Them Baked I like Cinnamon Rolls.......... I Thought You couldn't Ride Solomn Aay more ..I just got home from working for 3 days

mom said...

I don't know what happened to that blogg above..... If I could catch that gremlin in my computer ,I'd ring his tail......

Ruth said...

Love the bird picture. You must have a nice zoom on that camera. Looks good.