Friday, February 17, 2006

Hey Ya'll
I'm at Sharons house tonight for supper. Ya'll come up I'll share my chicken and baked potatoe and salad.
I had a run to Terre Haute and discovered that I was only a hop skip and a jump from Sharon, so here I am. Greg isn't home tonight, he went to a church function over night so I was all alone, didn't have any reason to rush on home to an empty house. Besides I needed some family time, also heard she was making maple syrup, so I'll have to sneak a jar into my purse, before I go. Rachel

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mom said...

sure is nice to be a hip,scop and a jump from some place that you know someone is there that you know and would like to see ,HUH when I get old and retire I'll go with you some place----like Alaska or California-----------