Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Discovered this one driving along, and had to stop.

The next one was taken from atop a stone outcropping at Natural Bridge State Park last year, when the Photo Club had an overnight field trip there.

The deer by the fence was taken at Stone Ridge one morning.

And the fawn in the grass is one I took when I was still at home. Dad had been bush hogging the field, when we saw a doe jump up and run into the woods. He stopped because he didn't want to run over a fawn. I thought she might have a baby out there, since it was in late May or early June. I went and bridled Windy and rode her out in the unmowed part of the field and this is what I saw, down in the tall grass. If I had been on foot I never would have seen it, but from horseback, there it was. It didn't move a whisker and Windy didn't know it was there. We left it alone and the next morning it was gone. She had moved it to a safer place.

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