Monday, March 13, 2006

We went to the 48th Indiana Flower and Patio show yesterday. The weather was supposed to be really nasty and stormy, but it was a very nice day with sunshine. Here are some photos I took of three of the exhibits. They were beautiful. Makes you wish you had an unlimited supply of gold coins to make our yards look those in that huge Covention Center.

Across the parking lot was a huge Flea Market too. We browsed that one too. Some junk, so antiques. It was an interesting day. Then after we got home, the storm arrived and it rained so hard and water was gushing down the drive way again! for the 3rd of 4th time in as many days!

Ok, already, I'm tired of rain and mud! I

want to ride Katie and it way to muddy!

Going to
this flower show really makes me want to get my hands in the garden dirt. I did notice that my rhubarb is up, but it may get frozen off again. It is supposed to be icky cold again.  Posted by Picasa


Lois said...

Beeeuuutttful! I have the hill and I have the rocks but I also have too many trees and the feeder roots rob the moisture from the plants. That leaves the dirt hard, dry and rocky. Besides our water bill skyrocketed since we have to pay for Leavenworth's new water treatment plant. So... we dream on.

Ruth said...

Sounds like fun, I don't know what all the dreaming will do for the brain but I know I do a lot of it.