Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Such a beautiful morning! It was quite cold out and the grass in the pastures was all white with frost, but the sun coming over the trees had a wonderful warming color. It is orange as it comes over the hilltop, then the frost gradually melts away, and the air warms up nicely. I love early mornings. It starts the day out right! (Mind you, I didn't say I like getting out of a nice warm bed on a cold morning!) Once I'm up...we are good to go!!
I drove into town today. Took my camera with me, but didn't see anything worth stopping to photograph. I'm eagerly waiting until spring starts to show itself! I hope to get some nice photos then.

I have been working with Katie everyday. She has never had any basic training. A good solid foundation. She is 11 years old and is very green. I have worked with her every day but one, in the last week and a half. She is doing much better already. Today I rode her bareback for a while. We don't go far, neither of us is ready for long rides yet. We go down the back pasture, and out along our long drive way, then circle around and come back. Then we spend some time doing our groundwork exercises. She is so responsive and eager to please. Her very calm demeanor and effectionate, easy going personality are a big plus. You can't help but love her! And she gives back everything you give to her. She often stands with her head against my chest with her eyes shut. And she hugs by laying her big head on my shoulder and just relaxing, with her eyes shut! She would crawl in your lap if she could.

I'm working with Katie primarily so that any mistakes I make in the training process, I hope to get them figured out by the time I start with Maddie. She is turning 3 this spring, so will be ready for some groundwork too.

I have a Photography Club meeting tonight. We have several smaller groups under the umbrella of the Photo Club. Some people prefer macro photography (photographing anything in extreme closups), then we a have portraiture group, another one that likes night photography and several others. I am in one that is Landscape, Nature and Wildlife. Our focus group is having a Photo Share tonight. We each chose several of our best photos from last year, and one of the members has compiled them into a musical slide show that will be shown to the whole club tonight. He did a super job on the one from the year before. Everyone was amazed at his creativity. So we will see what he does this year! We have about 80 members that usually show up for our monthly meetings.

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Lois said...

I don't do mornings either. Maybe I should say, I don't do 'Getting Out Of Bed.' I'm not a happy camper for the first 30 minutes or so , till I get good and 'awake.'I do like to sit on my couch and watch the sun pop over the hill and into the living room window. It only takes a few minutes to peek over the driveway and flood the couch with wonderous light. Problem is, when it does, I get sleepy again and usually nod off with my chin on my chest, bathed in a bright, warm, blanket. Ahhh.

How about posting the pictures you submitted to the photo show, we'd like to see them.