Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good morning. An early morning too. DH has to leave for Franklin at 6:00 AM to get to work on time now that he has to drive so far. We are hoping this is temperary.

We had 5 inches of that cold white stuff. This morning it was 9° and ouch! I'm sooooo ready for spring! What is with 'winter' this time of year? The chickens are pretty smart. They don't come out of their house when there is snow on the ground. Last evening when we went to shut them in for the night, there was a starling sitting on the roost with the chickens. Maybe he/she hoped we would think he was a chicken and leave him in there? Nope!

DH took a vacation day yesterday and stayed home. I think it was a wise decision, considering how far he would have had to drive in the worst of the snowstorm yesterday. He got out the Kubota with the snowblower and cleared our long driveway. It sure does a good job. I love that riding lawn mower. It also has a leaf bagger attachment, and it makes short work of adding grass clipping and leaves to my garden. Love it!

Since it was nasty outside, and cool in the kitchen, I decided to bake yesterday. I made an apple pie with a crumb topping and my DH's favorite, just for him, a cherry pie. I like using frozen sour pie cherries. The resulting pie has much more flavor than using canned pie filling. My SMIL gave me her recipe for a pie using frozen cherries, and that is the only one I make now! It was soooo good! But that was the last of the cherries I had. Did you hear that Sarah?????? Write yourself a note!!!!! (she found some cheaper than I can get them, but keeps forgetting to bring them with her when she comes up). I can only find them in one store here, but they are worth every penny to get them.

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Ruth said...

Wow,you all got a lot of snow. It just flurried all yesterday here.

Now why couldn't that poor ole starling spend the night in the chicken house? He was cold!