Friday, March 31, 2006

Tonight about 7:00 we had a spectacular thunder storm! The lightening flashed for an hour after the storm passed. I propped my camera on the roof of the truck while it was sitting in the driveway and took some pictures. I filled 3 camera cards, hoping to get one or two good ones. I'm not too unhappy with these two.

I have worked all week, taking care of the little twin boys, since the other lady has been sick all week. We were supposed to share this week so they could decide
who they were going to choose for this job. Well, today she told me that the job is mine. That she feels in her words " just so comfortable with me." She is easy to talk to, very friendly easy to get along with. (She is the babies grandmother, and that is a story I'll save for another day.)

The babies were very good today. It seems that they have finally decided that I'm alright. Each of the other days, they would just look at me. They didn't cry or be upset, but they just studied me. It took a lot of work to get them to even smile for me. But today, they would interact with me, and would actually reach for me to pick them up and cuddle. And they would giggle and play with me. So a new chapter in my life begins. We will see how it plays out over the next few months. Posted by Picasa


Ruth said...

Beautiful! Those pictures should be a hit at your next photography meeting. We heard all night about how bad the storm was and that it was coming to get us but we just got grazed by the tail end of it. Saw a little lightning and had about a bucketful of rain.

Jeanie said...

Great pictures! You did good.

Congratulations on the job! Know the feeling of being accepted. The dogs that I tend to now come out to greet me and the guy says they reconize my name when he says it and want to go outside to look for me. Even know about the messy diapers, believe it or not! One of the dogs needs to be shaved badly. I have to cut the mess out almost every week. YUCK! I had a fleeting thought that I wasn't getting paid enough to do this, but changed my mind as it all washes off. LOL Best wishes with your new job! Hope you enjoy doing it.

Ruth said...

Just wondering what your hours will be and what day's you will have off. I would like to plan a trip to eastern KY soon and need to know what schedules to work around.

Yvonne said...

The pictures were great! Also, congratulations on getting the job with the twins! Somehow I just knew you would be the one to get it.

Lois said...

High five on your job.
Noticed that the mother was not mentioned.

Looks like enough electricty in that picture to power Spencer. Great shot.

Rachel said...

The enchaladas made it home, Greg enjoyed them the next day because he was too full af pizza or something that night. I would love to have that recepie.