Friday, March 03, 2006

I love this song! By George Beverly Shea


Ruth said...

I guess you are still working on the song? I don't hear anything.

Lois said...

I didn't hear anything at first either an thought something was amiss. I went ahead and was reading the blogg and all of a sudden the screen went blank then all black and there it was, wala!

Yes, I too love to hear George Beverly Shea. I've always liked that song too. Remember Roloff's girls, The Honey Bee's Quartet singing it? One voice was a very high soprano harmonizing with the others, I thought was so 'pretty' if that's the right word.

You managed to get it all on too. thanks for sharing it. I've been buying old records here and there, just special ones I think I'd like, and hoping sometime to get a small record player.

Do you still have my ommonie cord? Are you using it? Fetch it sometime if you're done with it.