Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dora. It fit her to a T. The lady at the Humane Society said she had to have a name so they could list her as found. She suggested Dora. It was perfect. Thursday I received a call from a man down near Evansville that had been looking for a Bloodhound to adopt. He wanted one to train for tracking. His son in law was in law enforcement and he wanted to train a dog to use in the force if necessary. He drove two hours to come and see her this afternoon, and we let her go with him. He seemed to be sincere. Said he would give me his vets name, wouold take very good care of her and he will keep us informed on how she is doing. I was reluctant, but we just couldn't keep her. I hope she has a good home.

In other news, I spent the day on Friday with the little twins and their grandmother. Since they are cutting teeth, they were not in the best of moods. But we managed. Won't know if I got the job until tomorrow evening. She is supposed to call sometime this weekend. The hours are not to my liking, as they have been changed to 7 to 2:30. Too early. I was originally told 8 to 2:30. But...whatever, I guess.

We stopped at a computer place today and picked out a computer for R. Since hers died, G is having major withdrawal symptoms!

My dear DH is feeling under the weather. I think he got must have picked up what I had. Lets hope it doesn't last two weeks for him!
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Lois said...

So sorry Mr. Ed, that you're not feeling peechy.
Sounds like Dora Dear may have found herself a loving family to adopt.

I bet the twins brought back memories. Boys or girls?

Farm Girl said...

Little boys, very petite and tiny. Our own grandson at 7 months was twice their size. But they were preemies. They will catch up.

Ruth said...

I guess Dora The Explorer went exploring and got lost. I am glad she found a good home.

Lois said...

Hey Ruth, wonder if she knows who Dora the Explorer is.

mom said...

just testing