Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here is a couple more shots from the Flower and Patio show. I would like to have the resources to make my yard look as pretty!

Yesterday was so nice. Chilly, yes, but the sun was shining! I went to Bloomtown to the grocery store. I took a couple dozen eggs to a friend. Stopped at a college surplus store to see what was available in used computers.

Today, I'm supposed to take this big overgrown pup of a bloodhound to the Humane Society so they can scan her for me to see if she is microchipped. We had one call about a lost bloodhound, theirs was a male dog. The lady said they might take her if no one claims her. It seems theirs was stolen, two years ago and he belonged to their young son.
She is so sweet natured, she loves to have you scratch her chest, she just melts. She wants to come in the house soooo much. But...if I let her once, then it would be even harder to make her stay outside. If we didn't already have 3 dogs, we might have kept her, can do.
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Lois said...

Now that's a fountain! That would look good in my yard, I do think so. I have a pump from a swimming pool, wonder if that would work somehow? The brick work is interesting too, I'd like to try it, but with our ticks I can't even step over into the yard to pull weeds from the flowers. Right now I can but a little later I can't.